Kill Bacteria and Viruses – Slaughter Them!

Information has been slow in coming on any one substance that can kill most malevolent bacteria and viruses.  Through personal experimentation, I have verified that Oil of Oregano (wildcrafted, 90% cavacrol content) kills dead strep and flu. This article will guide you through my difficulties with strep and flu and how this substance kills them dead every single time, with less recurrences to boot!

FDA Notice: This article does not constitute medical advice, nor is it meant as treatment of any ailament or symptom. This information has not been validated or authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Any serious medical condition should be treated promptly by a licensed medical practicioner.

With the legally necessary discalimer out of the way, this information is strictly my personal experience with wildcrafted Oil of Oregano, 90% Cavacrol content. I will not say it will cure YOU of anything, as it is illegal to do so under FDA regulations.  However, I am free to state that I believe it is what cured ME of strep throat, colds and flu on two occasions now over the past two years.

I have always had a problem with Strep Throat mainly.  I’ve caught this once or twice every year ever since I was a teenager. Each time, expensive doctor visits and antibiotic prescriptions were the norm.  Until I ran across information on wildcrafted Oil of Oregano (must be wildcrafted, not the same variety of oregano used for cooking!)

From my understanding, the active ingredient in Oil of Oregano is Cavacrol, and it is one of the most potent, naturally occuring antiseptics, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasite and anti-viral substances. It is able to preserve foods, sterilize surfaces and… kill infections internally including strep, colds, flu, candida (yeast) infections and a variety of others.

Now, I’ve never trusted much of the information I read on the internet because there is very little independent scientific information published.  The bulk of information is provided by websites owned by those who are seeking to sell health supplements, potions and lotions.  Many things I’ve tried failed miserably in what they claimed to do.  However in this instance, I discovered oil of oregano kills bacteria DEAD.

I own a microscope capable of watching live bacteria. Not being the sqeamish type, I took a long-stick cotton swab and took my own culture of strep bacteria from my tonsils.  Bathing them in a warm solution of distilled water kept at body temperature, I placed them under the microscope for observation.  Indeed, I saw the strep bacteria in their live state.

Then I took just enough Oil of Oregano and placed it on the tip of a toothpick.. just enough to cover the sharpest end and no more than this.  I’d estimate that only 1/100th of a full dropper full of oil was on the tip of this toothpick.  I then gently rubbed the tip of the toothpick in the solution on the slide beneath the microscope lens.  Within just two minutes, the bacteria appeared to swell slightly and then ruptured, spilling their guts out into the body-temperature solution.

This was amazing enough to me that I went further.  I decided to blend seven full drops of Oil of Oregano with one teaspoon of Extra Virgin olive oil.  I placed it in my mouth, gargled it briefly, swished it around in my mouth and then tilted my head back while allowing the oils to slowly cover both sides in the back of my throat. In order to keep the oils undiluted by saliva, I expelled the saliva insted of swollowing it for about five minutes, allowing the oils to continue coating the throat linings.

I did this four times within 24 hours and at the end of that 24 hours, I noticed the white streaks on my tonsils (typical of strep throat infection) turned from white to red blotches.  Halfway through the next day, and after two additional “treatments”, the red blotches disappeared.  I continued four doses a day for three full days to ensure the strep was completely eradicated and then took myself off the oils.

There was never another recurrence of the streaks on my tonsils and it has been three months now.  So it’s obvious that this oil also kills strep internally.

I’ve also had systemic candida (yeast) problems, including a white coating on my tongue.  This is typical of a weakened immune system.  During my treatment of the strep infection over the three days, I also noted that the white film on my tongue disappeared.  So the oil killed not only the strep, but also the candida coating on my tongue.  Unfortunately, I must not have continued long enough with the oil to kill the candida in other parts of my body which tends to spread to the tongue and mouth areas LAST, after invading the rest of the body systems, as the white film on my tongue returned gradually over the last three months.  I may go ahead and take the Oil of Oregano for a good two or three week period in larger doses to see if it kills candida system-wide and completely.

It is important to note that Oil of Oregano kills good bacteria in the digestive tract too, such as the naturally occuring acidophilus and bifidus bacteria which are essential to proper digestive functioning.  If taking Oil of Oregano for a period of weeks or a month, it is important to supplement your diet with foods containing these bacteria in them, such as yogurt, cottage cheese and sourkraut.  This will ensure that the oil kills off the malevolent bacteria while keeping the beneficial bacteria intact.  Over time, the beneficial bacteria in your system will outnumber the bad.  When this occurs, the body will then be able to restore it’s own natural balance.  Even some bad bacteria are necessary for a symbiotic relationship, but all things must be in balance, with the “good guys” slightly outnumbering the “bad guys”.  Yet, they both need each other to keep a proper balance.

In the digestive tract, the “bad guys” do serve a purpose.  They help to break down waste matter. They cause decay and they “eat” harmful substances. They love it!  They are what we would term “garbage cans of the body”.. bottom feeders.

The “good guys” are there to ensure the “bad guys” are kept in “check” so they don’t over-run the body looking for “food”.  If things get too far out of whack, the “garbage disposal guys” get into your entire body systems with nothing to regulate them.  They will over-run the body, colonizing every area.  When there gets to be too many, they will overwhelm the immune system, taxing it greatly and unable to “keep up”.  This then weakens the immune system, opening the doorway for a host of other nasty illnesses and long-term diseases.

By treating your whole system with proper fresh fruits and veggies, a little yogurt/cottage cheese/sourkraut and – then treat yourself with Oil of Oregano on month in the Spring, one month in mid-summer and one month in the fall… chances are you will discover that, while others around you are ill, you walk around them feeling great and possibly even smiling as you go about your daily business as they are home sick in bed.

You owe it to yourself to locate a good brand of wildcrafted, 90% (or higher) Cavacrol content Oil of Oregano and give it a try.  My observations under my microscope didn’t lie.  And my own personal testimony in how it cured my candida and strep should be enough information to say: “The chances that it will help me are very high, so I will just try it and see!”

Along with advice from your doctor, that is. *smile* Unless you CHOOSE to make the doctor optional … it is your choice and I won’t make any recommendation either way.  It’s YOUR  choice.

To your health!!!

Rogue Witness


2 Responses

  1. Where do you buy your oil of oregano

    • I purchase mine from a local health food store. Any brand that is labeled as “standardized” is one that has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects. If buying online, look for the word “Standardized” on the product label so you know you are getting medicinal-grade product rather than something that just looks pretty on a spice rack.

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